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What makes leather become stiff?

leather become stiff

There are many reasons why leather can become stiff over time, including the fact that certain leather is produced in superior quality by better craftsmanship, which in turn makes it softer than others.


Most people throw their jackets in the closet without thinking about the storage environment for leather clothing. The leather may be stiff for a variety of reasons, including excess wetness and excessive dryness. The ideal humidity range for storing a jacket is between 40 and 50%.


The leather stretches when you choose a jacket that does not fit well, especially when it is smaller than your size. Your jacket may become less flexible and lose its softness as a result of this stretching.


Never, under any circumstances, put your jacket in a dryer. Your jacket will dry out and lose its soft texture since dryers are too hot and harsh for leather. The safest method for drying your jacket is to use a dry washcloth.


Your jacket will last longer if you take proper care of it. If given particular care, a jacket can live a very long time. This isn’t always the case, though. As a result, your jacket gradually becomes less soft.

How to soften the leather jacket


The best way to soften and maintain the suppleness of your leather is to rub a leather conditioner into your jacket. Once every several months, you should condition your jacket. The ideal level of moisture for your jacket is provided by conditioners, which are water-based.


Use a cotton pad to apply to rub alcohol to the leather surface. Apply Vaseline over it once it has dried, then let it sit for the night.


Apply coconut oil evenly after placing your jacket in the sun for less than 10 minutes to get it warm. Consider testing the coconut oil on a small patch of leather first because this could result in your jacket becoming one or two shades darker than it was initially.


Give your jacket 2-3 days to absorb the 2-3 layers of mink oil that you have applied.

Close-up photo of brown leather ripples


There are numerous types of leather available on the market, and each type can be softened in a different way. There are numerous ways to categorise them. The most popular divisions are based on the original hide from which the leather was made and the skin layer that was divided to create it. The leather’s dryness and subsequent stiffness are due to a variety of factors. Unfavourable humidity in the storage environment, stretching over time, using a dryer, and other factors can all hurt your leather and degrade its suppleness, making it feel quite harsh and cracked on your skin. 

You can use a variety of items, including rubbing alcohol, vaseline, and leather conditioners, to stop your leather from drying out. All leather preservation products must contain high-quality leather conditioners as well as natural oils like beeswax, coconut oil, or mink oil.

There are several different types of leather conditioners on the market. You must research the substances used in each leather conditioner before choosing the ideal one for you if you want to make the leather softer.

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